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Maximize remote team's productivity and happiness like a pro
Remote work consulting services by Bon Digital
Our clients:
— Turn this unpredictable time into an opportunity for your business growth
— Dramatically increase team's performance
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Businesses switching to remote work without a plan underperform
Typical problems are
No face-to-face interaction, the temptation to procrastinate is higher, and family members may be distracting
Employers worry that remote work means less frequent brainstorming and slower communication
Employers worry that remote work will harm corporate culture
Middle and high management don't know the right way to measure team performance
Management team thinks that company's processes are now out of control
Employees' engagement drops
Managers and CEOs have low visibility of what is actually being done
Slow down of team's communication and processes
Get a pack of benefits working with your team remotely
Remote work exposes bad workers: it's easy to see who's not performing without the obscuring fog of in-person charisma
Determine who brings value and focus on satisfying those employees
Value-generating people are not distracted by coffee breaks, colleagues and just work more and faster
Remote work cuts back on commuting and gives employees the freedom and time to put extra effort
It becomes extremely hard to stand out with only personal connections with the boss; people can stand out only by doing the work better and faster
Employees get judged on their results, not their input (hours worked) or other irrelevant factors
Save on office and overpaid salaries
Ability to hire the best people in the world. Not just available people in your neighborhood
Use our experience
to transform your team to work remotely — like a pro
Advances in technology – like file and screen sharing, to-do lists, and instant messaging – have made remote work more feasible than ever
Technology advice
Employees: how to deal with cabin fever?
How to create a "virtual water cooler"?
How to structure meetings?
Processes and employer experience advice
How to measure productivity?
Managing remote workers
Remote hiring
How to understand if a person can work remotely?
How to structure a vacancy?
How to conduct interviews?
How to organize life of a remote worker?
How to prevent underwork?
How to prevent overwork?
How to deal with low motivation?
About us
Karolina Miakova
Karolina has been running a remote team for her marketing agency Bon Digital since 2012. She has managed and set up processes for managing 60 + employees across Europe, USA, South East Asia, Russia and worked with brands like Societe Generale Group Banks, Bentley, Ferrari and Maserati. She is passionate about helping others scale their businesses using technology and global teams.
Jess Nazarali
All of Jessica's team for her 7 figure consulting business and marketing agency work remotely. She is passionate about helping businesses to take advantage of the global workforce and tap into new markets. By planning and using systems and the right tools, Jessica believes your team can be located anywhere and drive even better efficiencies than if they were in an office.
Experienced professionals
to help you get maximum out of switching to remote
According to Stanford Study, a well done switching to remote can result into
Less distractions for employees
50% less quitting
$2,000 more profit per employee (reduced rent + higher productivity)
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