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Как зарабатывать 1 000 000 + рублей в месяц
на услугах интернет-маркетинга?
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Ищете проверенный способ организовать дополнительный заработок в качестве бонуса к текущему месту работы, а затем организовать полноценное агентство?

Мой курс по построению прибыльного агентского бизнеса — ваш уверенный шаг на пути к большой цели.

Как только вы вступите в программу, вы:
  • Получите доступ к видео урокам, в которых есть все знания, позволяющие искать, подписывать и исполнять контракты на интернет-маркетинг с чеком 50 000 — 500 000 рублей в месяц
  • Сможете делать так, чтобы компании ХОТЕЛИ платить за ваши услуги без манипуляций и других неэтичных способов
  • Получите точный план выхода на первые 200 000 руб оборота в месяц с пониманием как из них выйти на 1 000 000 + руб, находясь в любой точке мира

Это все!

Возможно, у вас возникает вопрос...

Не обманываю ли я и реально ли зарабатывать такие деньги на удаленных услугах?

Правда в том, что получается не у всех.

Если у вас получится, так же как и у меня, подписывать 1-2 новых компании в месяц, у вас будет очень большой шанс добиться миллиона.

Те, кто проинвестируют максимальные усилия в мою технологию, получат и больший результат, так же как и лучшие менеджеры моего агентства, открывшие сейчас свои отдельные бизнесы.

Реклама в соцсетях - это большой тренд сейчас.

Consulting is trending right now.

And, everyone knows catching trends is where the real money is...

But the problem is, noticing those trends before that masses isn't easy.

And if you're too late -- you'll miss out.

The pain of not taking action hits you like a bowling ball to the chest.

And what's even worse...

Is watching other people get rich from a trend YOU could have caught.

Now, for the good news:

If You've Missed Trends In The Past... It's Not Your Fault!

You were probably too busy or maybe you didn't believe in the idea enough.

Whatever the reason -- that's in the past.

What's more important is what you do TODAY.

Because right now, I'm showing you a trend that pays 6 or even 7 figures, simply for making a recommendation.


All you have to do?

Introduce someone with a problem to a solution.

That's literally it.

It's A Very Simple Process!

And it doesn't require experience, degree, or an office.

You could even do it as a side hustle.

Or -- if you want to go all in -- this new trend could be your main thing.

Your call.

How am I so confident that it works?


I've Shared Trends In The Past That Have Created Millionaires

True story:

Just a few years ago, I created a page just like the one you're on now.

On that page, I shared a unique new trend -- starting a social media marketing agency.

Now, starting a social media marketing agency is still a great opportunity.

But with over 50,000 people in SMMA...

It's not exactly as new as it once was.

So if you're looking for something brand spankin' new...

And you want to be the first to cash in, here's...

Why DSMC Is The Next Big Thing!

Most people usually think about two things when starting a business:

1. Selling products

2. Selling services

But with both these options, there's work involved.

With selling products, for example, you'll need to consider the cost of manufacturing, dealing with customer service, managing orders, hiring and firing staff, and so much more.

In many cases and at the end of the day...

You're only making 10-30% of what the customer pays you!

Which isn't that great.

Now what about selling services?

That's also a good idea.

Services have higher margins than physical products because there's nothing to ship.'re still investing your TIME to deliver a result.

Services are also harder to scale since the only way to make more money is to commit more time.

Enter consulting:

A way to provide value -- using as little time and resources as possible!

Consulting isn't a typical job.

As a consultant,you'll get paid to answer questions, provide strategy, and give recommendations -- all of which you can do in 1-2 hours a week or month.

When it comes to actually fulfilling the work...RELAX!

Just refer my agency and if your referral becomes my client,I'll pay you a 4- to 5-figure commission.

With so much money on the table, for not much effort involved...

Joining DSMC should be a no-brainer.

Now you might be thinking...

"But Tai, I'm not smart enough to be a consultant."


"No one will pay me because I'm too new."

If you're having these types of doubts, don't worry.

First, don't let fear hold you back.

Second, the training I've provided teaches you ALL of the things you need to become a consultant and get paid to make recommendations.

Once you know about it...

You Can Either Catch This New Consulting Trend -- Or Get Left In The Dust!

After spending hundreds of millions on advertising, I know what makes digital and social media marketing work.

I've analyzed thousands of sites...

I've built million-dollar online companies...

And, I've been in the marketing game for a while.

Based on everything I've done, I've created a unique solution for up-and-coming consultants.

So how's this benefit you?

Once you have access to it, you take the role of a consultant...

* WITHOUT investing six figures in a degree!

* WITHOUT going to school for 6-10 years!

* And, WITHOUT trying to get an entry-level job at a major consulting firm!

In most cases, businesses you offer advice to will help implementing it.

The way I see it:

These Are Your Options:

(1) Do the work yourself.

I recommend charging anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 if you're new.

If you have a team in place or you think you can help the business -- GREAT.

If you don't?

Not a problem.

The next option:

(2) Recommend my agency.

This second option is the easier approach.

Because I'll let you refer my agency.

And for every one of your referrals who becomes a client...

You'll get paid a minimum of 4- to 5-figures per sale.

It's all based on which package the business signs up for.

And remember,you don't have to do ANY of the work!

Not bad, right?

By now, you're probably wondering...

How To Get Started?

It's very simple.

I've created a small test group of people who want to catch this trend.

But the test group isn't free.

And here's why:

People don't value free.

I've tested this several times in the past and the result is always the same.

People who pay for something put in MORE effort and get BIGGER results.

Whereas the freebie seekers rarely even make it past the first step.

So those are my two big reasons.

Still want to continue?


Now for the last and final question on your mind:

How Much?

Digital Social Marketing Consulting (DSMC) is a 60-day program.

Once you join, you'll access online training for getting leads.

Considering people pay $25,000 to $100,000 for college, I initially thought around that price would be fair.

After all...

With DSMC you can simply talk to businesses, recommend an agency, and get paid 4- to 5-figures if they become a client.

If you were to refer only a handful of clients,you'd make your money back!

And every other client from that point on would be 100% profit.

But then I thought, "That's too much for the average person."

So then I decided, why not make it $10,000?

That's still a nice amount, right?

A few sales and - BOOM - you break even and start making money.

Then again I thought, "That's STILL too much."

So, here's what I did.

I've priced DSMC at a rate so low that you'll instantly earn a huge ROI on your first referral.

This means that it won't be $5,000.

Or even $2,500.

The actual price?

Less than $1,000.

If that's not exciting enough to get you to join...

Consider this:

You Can Try This For 30 Days -- Completely Without Risk!

Before the end of your first month in DSMC, you'll know how it works.

And if you feel like it doesn't meet your expectations, no problem.

Just let my team know and they'll return 100% of your money.

With absolutely nothing to lose...

And a minimum of 4- to 5-figures per sale to gain...

You owe it to yourself to give this trend a shot.

Click the button below and follow the instructions to claim your spot for DSMC.

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